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JRS USA Chemistry has grown significantly over the years, adding expertise and product offerings beyond that of our core cellulose products. Our portfolio has expanded to also include polyester flock, cotton fiber, sisal fiber, acrylic flock and nylon flock.

With a multitude of benefits for a myriad of industries, our team of fiber experts works with you every step, from choosing the perfect fiber for your application needs to formulation assistance.

The JRS USA Chemistry team proudly supports the following industries:
• Bioplastics
• Plastics
• Paper and cardboard
• Ceramics
• Brake pads
• Enzymes
• Glues and adhesives
Wood material surfaces

Contact us to discuss how fibers can benefit your chemistry application.


JRS USA is a proud member of the global JRS Group. With over 145 years of knowledge and expertise, our team of experts have chemistry solutions designed for regions around the world.

If you are interested in products and information for a different region, please click Global Solutions.

Please note that all information contained on this page is specific to the U.S. market only, and may not be applicable to other geographic regions.

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