Solka-Floc Dietary Fiber in Pangolin Diets

05. Jan 2021

Solka-Floc Dietary Fiber included in the Pangolin diet as is part of conservation efforts at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois.

Solka-Floc Dietary Fiber for Lions

Solka-Floc Dietary Fiber in Pangolin Diets

The Chicago Zoological Society, a section of the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois, specializes in the protection and awareness of protected and endangered species, where both private and public funding is utilized to study these species and save them from extinction. Our lead contacts there, Dr. Bill Zeigler and Dr. Jennifer Watt, were featured on a CBS This Morning segment outlining the dangers of the coronavirus not only for humans, but also for the pangolin species. The Chicago Zoological Society is the world’s foremost experts on breeding the rare species and identifying the ways in which they can be saved, with nutrition being one of the most important factors being examined.

The pangolin (also known as the scaly anteater), is a small sized mammal that has keratin based scales surrounding its body for protection and originates from the African sub-Saharan region. Widely unknown in North America due to its habitat and rarity, its meat is considered a delicacy and scales are believed to have medicinal properties by some tribal organizations. Poaching these sought after materials and the continued deforestation of its natural habitats has destroyed their breeding grounds, and the species now finds itself at the brink of extinction.

JRS USA fits into this conservation movement as being an ingredient provider for the Chicago Zoological Society, where the pangolin diet (completely created by the Brookfield Zoo Zoologists), uses a combination of four different insect species ground down into a powder and combined with JRS USA’s Solka-Floc® dietary fiber and saturated fats to create a blend. The blend is mashed with agar, a red seaweed combined with additional biological cultures, to create a diet that is suitable for growth and eventual breeding sustainability.

In addition to Pangolin diets, Solka-Floc® Dietary Fibers are also being used in big cat diet satiety testing at the John Ball Zoo (Michigan), San Diego Zoo (California), Dallas Zoo (Texas) and Montgomery Zoo (Alabama). Already a widely used product in domestic cat and dog foods, JRS USA Dietary Fibers are now part of the conservation efforts to improve the health and wellness of wild animal species as well.

Contact our experts if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of JRS USA Dietary Fiber for animal nutrition.

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