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JRS USA is a leader in the manufacture and production of insoluble fibers used in the food, pet food, home and personal care, chemical, technical, industrial industries and many more. As a global manufacturer and essential business, we are always looking to add talented and dedicated professionals to our teams across the United States.

Production Support 

North Tonawanda, NY

Job Responsibilities
  • Maintain a clean work area.
  • Demonstrate ability to follow all GMP standards.
  • Comply with safety rules.
  • Complete understanding of LOTO requirements for trained positions and able to perform cleanouts when necessary.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform all quality testing required for trained lines, disposition of hold material, follow test frequency, and take proper steps to correct quality issues.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform daily magnet checks and sanitizing, tailings inspections, work area inspections, and document accordingly.
  • Demonstrate ability to fill out all production paperwork correctly and document downtime on production line.
  • Demonstrate ability to start up production line(s), operate controls, and shut down line(s) in proper sequence.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of production line(s) and able to make adjustments as needed.
  • Drive forklift safely and efficiently to move and stack raw material and finished goods Perform production line setup for grades to be produced on production line.
  • Stage needed raw materials and packaging, understand work order instructions and fulfil work order directions.
  • Operate assigned production line(s) and controls.
  • Packaging of finished product; lifting and stacking of 25-50 lb bags.
Minimum Job Requirements, Skills and Qualifications
  • High School diploma.
  • Close attention to detail.
  • Able to safely operate and troubleshoot several industrial equipment as instructed.
  • Able to maintain accurate logs and records.
  • Good verbal and written communications with co-workers, supervisors, quality personnel and maintenance department.
  • Successful passing of Forklift and Powered Industrial Vehicle Operation Training required.
Interactions and Tools/Equipment Utilized in the Job
  • Read tape measures and industrial scales.
  • Hand tools such as brooms, wire cutters, shovels.
  • Basic hand tools for screen changes, loading/unloading mills.
  • Operate HMI for controlling Industrial grinding equipment, conveyors, augers, packaging equipment.
  • Quality testing equipment such as alpine jet sieve, bulk density testing and rotap.
Physical Requirements
  • Able to lift and stack 50 pounds continuously for long periods of time.
  • Climb ladders and stairs repetitively.
  • Cut and pull heavy baling wires.
  • Push broom and shovel debris.
  • Working in cold and hot environments...
Other Information
  • All rules and regulations of the Employee Handbook apply at all times.
  • Hourly; commensurate with experience (wage range has been established by HR).
  • Eligible for In-2-Win Performance Bonus Program.
  • Eligible for all benefit programs.
  • 24/5 Operation: 8 hours per day; Monday-Friday; overtime will be required.
  • 24/7 Operation: 12 hours per day; 3-2-2 fixed shift schedule; overtime will be required.

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and employment application to hrjrsscm and click the behavioral assessment questionnaire link to complete our Predictive index online.

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This Job Description is a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks and duties. The responsibilities, tasks and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outlined in the Job Description. Other duties, as assigned, might be part of the job. Employee’s position, job function, standard work hours, location and reporting relationship may be changed at Employer’s discretion. This Job Description is not a guarantee of continued employment.

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